Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Nokia 3650 Essentials

I set up my sisters' Nokia 3650 this afternoon. Here is what I did :

  • Put the memory card into a reader
  • Create a "installs" and a "video" folder
  • Copy some Jonny Quest 3gp files (or whatever you like) into the "videos" folder
  • Copy the following apps into the "installs" folder :

    • Helix player - for MPEG 4 video. The Helix player supports more video formats than the Real Player that ships with the phone.
    • ReadM - ebook reader. Reads any text file. Even plays mp3s..
    • Calcium - Nice, easy to use calculator
    • Agile Messenger - fantastic, free, IM client
    • Card Deck - Free solitaire game from Nokia
    • Forward - moves INBOX messages to arbitrary files. Very useful.
    • Keyboard - Driver for Pocketop folding IR keyboard
    • Torch - Turns the backlight on. Yes, your phone is now a flashlight.

  • Remember, when you start installing, everything goes on the memory card
  • Put the card back in the phone and power up. I like to keep a installable copy of all apps that I regularly use on the memory card in the phone. The Nokia "Manager" installer application only installs SIS files that are sent to the phone via email or Bluetooth. To solve this. I sent FExplorer to her phone via Bluetooth, and installed it. Once FExplorer was in place, applications could be installed from the "installs" folder.
  • Install all the apps by selecting the SIS files in the "installs" directory with FExplorer. The Helix player is installed in 3 parts, in order.

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