Monday, September 26, 2005

Stop buying PSPs. It just encourages them

Someone has discovered a buffer overflow that allows a PSP with 2.0 firmware to be hacked.

Imagine how many more PSPs Sony could sell if they encouraged PSP owners to develop applications for the PSP rather than trying to shut them down.

I admire the perseverance of PSP owners to unlock their hardware, but should they really encourage Sony by buying the intentionally crippled PSPs in the first place?

The new Game Park console, which has free development tools provided by GamePark, seems to be a much better choice.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

What was NOT said about the ROKR iTunes phone.....

Blog comments everywhere are filling up with comments about the ROKR iTunes phone

I can sum it up as ......yada yada poo crap ugly yada

Whatever...I expected ugly....lets move along. The Pontiac Aztec of cell phones...

The RAZR is the only non-ugly phone that Motorola has designed. Go look at the crap they make for Nextel.

The ROKR has a 100 song limit, no matter how big your memory card is. This limit keeps it from competing with the Nano. Otherwise you could load a 2G flash card and make it a Nano. In the next week or so, someone will hack the firmware and fix this.

What I thought was interesting, that no one mentioned, was that the ROKR can play MPEG-4 video. The screen is big enough for casual watching. Having "stop making sense" on a phone like this would be awesome. But a different phone.