Friday, May 16, 2014

More on BCI, waiting for OpenBCI

Continuing to experiment with the NeuroSky Mindwave. Using Mindwave OSC on a Nexus S (Thanks Carrie!) which communicates with my iMac over OSC. PureData grabs the OSC stream and presents the data in my pd patch. Getting some interesting results -- the biggest problem is that the data stream seems quite erratic, which makes it difficult to correlate my thoughts with the results. 

Missed the Kickstarter for the OpenBCI interface, but looking forward to trying it out. All of the interface software is open source, which should make it easier to experiment with the different brain wave types. As a bonus, the Open BCI interface is capable of processing EKG (heart) and EMG (muscle) sensors.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Commercially available, relatively low cost Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and related software

Is it possible to create music with brain waves? It's a work in progress.

You can find all of my links here :

An incomplete summary :

Mindwave Mobile (Neurosky)

  • Retails for $99 (Brainwave Starter Kit)
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • A number of iOS apps (search iTunes store with "neurosky") - most cost $$$
  • Brainwave Visualizer (Mac, WIndows) shows all brain frequency bands - almost too much data
BioZen software :
  • Neurofeedback software
  • Free
  • Developed by the military to help soldiers
  • Runs on Android devices
  • Most input devices supported are based on Neurosky headsets

MindFlex and MindFlex Duel - Toys by Mattel that use the Neurosky electronics. Only uses Attention parameter. Headsets can be modified for full EEG output. These are available relatively cheaply on eBay and Amazon (around $50)

Muse - no product has shipped as far as I can tell - currently taking pre-orders

Melon - another EEG headband, shipping Summer 2014

Bitalino - not for EEG, but is a set of physiological sensors for EMG, EDA, ECG along with a light sensor, an accelerometer and an LED. Can be split up into individual modules. Cost is $150 Euro.