Wednesday, September 30, 2015

EEG and creativity

Since my last post about EEG devices, a lot has happened. I purchased the MUSE headset for $300 and the data was significantly more useful than with the NeuroSky. Not that I am necessarily finished with the Mindwave...I now have 4 of the MindFlex headsets in store for a good project. Not ony does the MUSE provide useful data, their SDK has become quite reliable and includes useful visualization tools. I used the MUSE with PureData running on a MacBook Pro for a music composition class. In one piece, I controlled the levels of various insect sounds based on brain activity. In another, I used EEG data to generate live accompaniment while I watched a video.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

The State of mobile device printing

Decided to try printing some of my GameBoy Camera photos from my iPhone via Flickr. First, Walgreens. Their iOS app allowed me to order pictures without creating an account or signing up for anything. Downside is that they only offer 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 sizes. Their system also reformats non-rectangular photos by cropping. There is likely a way to fix that on the device before sending, but still, an extra step. Target has a photo center in their store, but no way to access via an app. RiteAid was interesting (in a not good way). I downloaded the app, selected the photo center. I was immediately prompted to create a Plenti account before I could do anything. The signup on the Plenti site was graphically intensive and very slow. Selecting the photo center generated a pop up that the site was not functional and that I should go to a specific URL for more info. No link to click or automatic redirect. Rite Aid has shut down their online photo processing due to a data breach. At least they were up front about it.