Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Don't recycle electronics, repair them

Don't recycle, repair. My wife is now using two 20 inch Samsung LCD displays that I repaired with a well documented fix found on the internet. Spent about $4 in parts and an hour of my own labor. They were about a week away from being in the landfill. If your late model Samsung or Phillips LCD display/flat screen TV has recently stopped working (my Samsung LCD TV died about 4 years after its' purchase), it is probably easily fixed. --tom

Java is a 4 letter word

Got this today from a friend : Java users beware : Exploit circulating for just patched critical flaw So, Oracle just patched Java (again) and almost immediately that patch is being patched. If we were to sum up the cumulative misery (lost time, lost work, endless patching) that Java has inflicted on humanity, it would be a big number. The whole concept of "the same code runs everywhere" NEVER really worked. Whose time are we saving? --tom