Thursday, July 15, 2010

Larson Scanner for Unicycle

How to make a unicycle more menacing? Add a Larson Scanner from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. I modified a Minoura Swing Grip by removing the crossbar and replacing with a piece of vinyl tubing to enclose the Larson scanner.

Here's the YouTube video.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Visited Durham Ukelele Jam last night

Attended the Durham Ukulele Jam at High Strung Music last night. Everyone was very friendly -- I played a loaner Denim Flea (Concert) and my jamming neighbor kindly let me play her tenor for a few songs.

My mind was pretty much set on a tenor until I played the concert. While the tenor was a bit easier to play, the concert had the more traditional uke sound. The Flea played well, but they run about $200. I'd like to find something a bit less expensive. The Fluke has a larger body and would probably be easier to hold and play. The Flea and Fluke have a reputation for being very consistent from the factory, which is a consideration if I'm ordering online.

I was able to pick up chords pretty quickly, though during phrases that required rapid chord changes, I often reverted to guitar fingerings. Oops!