Tuesday, January 13, 2009

iPod Touch : Apps that sync data locally

When I bought the iPod Touch, I realized that I would not have :
  • phone capability
  • GPS
  • camera
but I wasn't willing to spend the $1200 out of pocket expense ($199 + 24 mo * $40).

Most iPhone apps work on the iPod Touch, but data is only available within the range of a WiFi hotspot. So I concentrated on apps that can sync when the network is available, and still function offline.

The apps that I use that allow offline functionality :
  • Memengo Wallet - Secure document storage. Syncs to memengo.com
  • Toodledo - GTD style to do lists. 2 way sync to toodledo.com
  • NY Times - free - Syncs NY Times content locally
  • BookshelfLT - free - book reader with access to downloadable content (it caches)
  • Stanza - free - Another book reader, access to more, different, content

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