Monday, January 12, 2009

favorite iPod Touch apps

A short list of my favorite iPod Touch apps so far (not pre-installed) :
  • AOL Radio (free) - Dozens of streaming radio channels, free from AOL. Personal favorites are "Video Game Scores" and "Anime Radio".
  • Google Earth (free) - Still useful even without the GPS. Can do simple location determination based on information gathered from Wi-Fi hotspots by Skyhook Wireless
  • Google (free) - GMail, Google Reader
  • Pandora (free) - streaming radio
  • BookshelfLT (free) - EReader with access to many public domain and free books
  • Memengo Wallet ($2.99) - encrypt private data, store encrypted copy on the web
  • Evernote (free) - Synchronized notes capability
  • Phanfare Photon (free) - Local access to photo albums
  • Toodledo ($3.99) - To do lists, synchronized and shareable

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