Thursday, September 08, 2005

What was NOT said about the ROKR iTunes phone.....

Blog comments everywhere are filling up with comments about the ROKR iTunes phone

I can sum it up as ......yada yada poo crap ugly yada

Whatever...I expected ugly....lets move along. The Pontiac Aztec of cell phones...

The RAZR is the only non-ugly phone that Motorola has designed. Go look at the crap they make for Nextel.

The ROKR has a 100 song limit, no matter how big your memory card is. This limit keeps it from competing with the Nano. Otherwise you could load a 2G flash card and make it a Nano. In the next week or so, someone will hack the firmware and fix this.

What I thought was interesting, that no one mentioned, was that the ROKR can play MPEG-4 video. The screen is big enough for casual watching. Having "stop making sense" on a phone like this would be awesome. But a different phone.

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