Thursday, August 18, 2005

GameBoy Micro

My GameBoy SP has been hijacked. My son has discovered "Pokemon Emerald". He has also discovered the Pokemon card game, which I play with him, but I digress.

Nintendo has just announced the GameBoy Micro :

and already all the geek experts :

are chattering on about what a huge mistake Nintendo has made. Probably the same "experts" that considered the Apple iPod Mini a mistake (it has sold millions).

Nintendo is doing something very smart here. They are squeezing the GameBoy platform for everything it can give. They have the advantage of a huge library of GameBoy Advance games, something that the Sony PSP does not have (though I'm not comparing the Micro to the PSP). While Sony will make very little on every PSP sold, the margin on the Micro is probably significant (it will sell for $99.)

The Micro is not intended for the hard core gamer. Hard core gamers seem to think that every new product is intended for them. Nintendo is going after the casual gamer, one who in the past would typically not buy a GameBoy. Perhaps they tried out one of their kids' GameBoys and enjoyed it.

The Micro is truly pocket size, so it can go anywhere. The $99 price may seem steep, but combine it with the new Play-Yan media player. Assuming that the Play-Yan sells for about $50, the combined cost is the same as an iPod shuffle, but has a screen and can play mp3's and video. This does not include the cost of a memory card, which will add about $40. The entire unit will be slightly smaller than the iPod Mini.

I want one. The Micro release date coincides with my sons' birthday. He may be getting my SP and dad will get a new GameBoy.

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