Wednesday, June 15, 2005

home gaming setup

Just finished rewiring my video game console setup which consists of :

- Sega Dreamcast
- Super Nintendo
- Playstation One

Just had some family in town and my nephew played Looney Tunes Space Race on the Dreamcast. While they were out of town at the beach, I finally spent some quality time with "Crash Team Racing" on the Playstation. While it is a fun game, the quality of the graphics is atrocious, especially compared to the Dreamcast. While it is sad that the Dreamcast is no longer a supported gaming platform, it is quite a bargain as you can buy a Dreamcast with controller and AV cable at EB Games for $15. Purchase a console built before November 2000 and the entire world of Dreamcast emulation becomes available :

Even if you just use it for playing audio cd's, it's worth $15.

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