Thursday, June 09, 2005

customer service...sigh...

Perhaps I am not being completely fair to SunCom. It's just one example of not respecting your customers.

I once had my own consulting/training business. My livelihood depended on treating my customers well. Perhaps this is why I am sensitve to it.

How could SunCom do better ?

- Use music on hold instead of commercials on their customer service line.
I am already a customer. I am calling because I am having a problem. I don't want to listen to comercials, I want my problem solved. Also, the constant talking is very distracting. Doing useful work while waiting on hold like this is like trying to drive and talk on the phone at the same time. Doesn't work.

- Provide better service in person than via the phone.
When I come to visit a business in person, I expect better treatment than if I call on the phone. If you can't do better in person, let me know so I don't waste my time.

- Sweat the details
Tried to check my voice mail this morning; instead got an error that the voice mail number had not yet been defined. I'll be calling SunCom today to get the number.

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