Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Photo time stamps and the Nokia 3650

I want to start renaming my Nokia 3650 photos with a date stamp; this gives me a chronology plus unique file names (down to the second).
I friend at work wrote a Perl script that grabs the modification date for the file, and uses that data to rename the file. Unfortunately, the time stamps are not consistent cross platform (happy happy joy joy.)

For example, I have a photo with a 12:08pm time stamp (in the Images app)
In Nokia PC-Suite, the mod time is 8:08am (4 hours ago)
On my PC, via a USB card reader, 4:08pm (4 hours in the future.)
On my Mac OS X G4, mod time is 12:08pm (the same time)

Looks like I'll be doing my file renaming on the Mac. Fortunately, I saved original copies of all my 3650 photos.
The right solution is to have the phone name the file as it is created. But we all know how uncommon the right solution is....

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