Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Commercially available, relatively low cost Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) and related software

Is it possible to create music with brain waves? It's a work in progress.

You can find all of my links here : http://delicious.com/tkarches/search/EEG

An incomplete summary :

Mindwave Mobile (Neurosky)

  • Retails for $99 (Brainwave Starter Kit)
  • Works with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • A number of iOS apps (search iTunes store with "neurosky") - most cost $$$
  • Brainwave Visualizer (Mac, WIndows) shows all brain frequency bands - almost too much data
BioZen software : http://www.t2.health.mil/apps/biozen
  • Neurofeedback software
  • Free
  • Developed by the military to help soldiers
  • Runs on Android devices
  • Most input devices supported are based on Neurosky headsets

MindFlex and MindFlex Duel - Toys by Mattel that use the Neurosky electronics. Only uses Attention parameter. Headsets can be modified for full EEG output. These are available relatively cheaply on eBay and Amazon (around $50)

Muse - no product has shipped as far as I can tell - currently taking pre-orders

Melon - another EEG headband, shipping Summer 2014

Bitalino - not for EEG, but is a set of physiological sensors for EMG, EDA, ECG along with a light sensor, an accelerometer and an LED. Can be split up into individual modules. Cost is $150 Euro.

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