Thursday, September 20, 2012

Microsoft Family Security. Useful? Not Really.

I'm trying out Microsoft Family Security on our Windows 7 box. Following is the list of software that my son is "using". Completely accurate, but pretty useless. There are 3 real programs in here : Google Chrome, Nero and Snagit Most of this stuff runs in the background all the time. Apparently there is no way to exclude this background nonsense from the report. I don't want to disallow it, because then everything breaks :

Citrix online plug-in Connection Center 4 hours 8 minutes

Event Monitor User Notification Tool 4 hours 8 minutes

Google Chrome 4 hours 8 minutes

HP QuickPlay Resident Program 4 hours 8 minutes

HPWAMain Module 4 hours 8 minutes

hpwuSchd Application 4 hours 8 minutes

Internet Low-Mic Utility Tool 4 hours 8 minutes

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