Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dumb story on LED bulbs

Another crap study finds :

LED bulbs not as eco-friendly as some might think

Considering that :

- These lights will probably be burning after I am dead
(there is one in my ceiling fan)

- I don't plan to put them anywhere but a light bulb socket

Also, since LEDs last longer, there will be fewer in the landfill.

I'm not the least bit concerned. If the bulb burns out, I don't plan to pulverize it as they did in the story. What a worthless piece of journalism.

And quoting from the (stupid) story :

Incandescent bulbs, incidentally, contain very high levels of lead and mercury, while compact fluorescents are also high in mercury.

So what do they propose? We replace all our light bulbs with candles? Wait...lets do another study first...

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