Tuesday, January 25, 2011

VPO Project : Success

Discovered the problem with running "jorgan-pup"on zombie (Dell Inspiron e1505 without a screen) -- needed more memory. Replaced the 512MB dimms with 1GB dimms. Works with LPK25 keyboard.

Plans now are to build a modern "portative organ", basically a portable pipe organ

  • 2 manuals - 2 octaves each - staggered - I have spacer plates from the Baldwin and Gulbransen.
  • Stop tablets from Baldwin
  • Piston buttons from Gulbransen (or use switches)
  • Dell e1505 as processor
  • Internal audio
  • 15 inch dell display
  • external connections for keyboard and mouse (USB hub)
More details coming soon. Hope to have something working for FOSS faire next month.

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