Thursday, March 31, 2005

PSP...Entertainment without boundaries?

I just went to the Sony website to get a link to the PSP page for a link, and discovered the slogan for the PSP :

Entertainment Without Boundaries


The PSP looks like something designed by a company with dueling hardware and entertainment divisions. It's as locked down as any media device on the market.

The PSP :
- is too expensive
- is too easy to break
- is too big to carry everywhere
- is crippled with proprietary UMD media
- requires an expensive memory stick
- games cost fifty dollars with no budget titles
- has no backwardly compatible media

If I want to get in some recreational video, I'll do it on my Nokia 3650. I can pull it out unobtrusively.

If you want a Nintendo solution, wait for the Nintendo branded $50 game cart that will play MPEG-4 files from a Secure Digital memory card. A movie theatre in your pocket.

If you've read this and still want a PSP, they have plenty of them at the store.

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